Mind to Motion Team body expression session


  • 30 Minutter - 1 time
  • Indendørs og udendørs
  • Gruppearbejde
  • Minimum: 12
  • Maksimum: Ubegrænset

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A high impact movement and music session designed to sustain your team’s energy throughout the day.


The movement starts with participants activating their energy button to stimulate neuro-lymphatic points in the body, releasing blocked energy. Next with funky music upping the tempo, participants move in a cross-crawl pattern joining the left and right sides of the body in a fun and engaging way. Next following in a chain of movement like snakes, conga etc. participants meet & greet. Fun dynamic active play gets them moving in all directions, heightening the senses. The exercise concludes with a reflective, mindfulness circle.

Læringsresultater og udbytte

Body Intelligence is a playful whole-body total engagement process. After the exercise, participants attest to feeling more energised, vibrant, alert and happier. The specific body movements are designed to increase the capacity to learn and process information, bring a deeper sense of relaxation and presence, as well as, greater freedom and spontaneity. The heightened sense of group connection that Mind to Motion brings will maximise the performance of the team.

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  • Konference enegizer
  • Engagement & Motivation
  • Kreativitet
  • Team dynamik
  • Teamdannelse

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