Bookworx Corporate Team Building Educational Fun Activities

Bookworx Construct a Bookshelves to Give


  • 2 timer - 4 timer
  • Indendørs og udendørs
  • Konkurrence- og samarbejdsbaseret
  • Minimum: 6
  • Maksimum: Ubegrænset

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Teams get creative as they design, build and decorate a bookshelf which will become an important educational resource for people in need.
Bookworx Team Building Activities


After a team brainstorming session, roles are assigned and teams begin to design, create and build a bookcase. Half the team are responsible for producing the elaborately themed mural that forms the backdrop of the bookshelf while the other half turn the shelves into a work of art by attending a decoupage workshop and then applying the techniques. Once complete each team does a short presentation explaining the meaning behind their artwork before donating them to a local organisation in need.

Læringsresultater og udbytte

BookWorx creates awareness of the importance of resources in education and how all of us can do simple yet powerful things to help alleviate the dire shortage of books, the building blocks of success, in underprivileged communities and their institutions. Groups can also collect books to ensure that the bookselves are full at the time of donation and can continue to keep them updated over time, creating lasting results & connections.

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  • Silo tankegang
  • Engagement & Motivation
  • Ledelse i praksis
  • Projekledelse
  • Kreativitet
  • Team dynamik
  • Teamdannelse

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